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James Arruda Henry has lived a long life. He managed to live so long with a literary education nowhere beyond the third grade. When Henry turned 98 years old, he published In a Fisherman’s Language (2011), a story about his former life as a humble fisherman.

For six years, he enhanced his reading and writing skills to compose his first book. While reading is an essential factor in his accomplishment, how much has writing contributed to Henry’s development?

Many studies have reported writing exercises the mind like consistent bodybuilding strengthens muscles. …

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Does writing novels intimidate you as a beginning writer? How about long-form content for online clients? Editing? Publishing? When you’re starting out in the writing world, everything looks so vast and scary until you chip it off, penning down one word after another.

Readers look up to writers as literary superheroes. Every writer has their special abilities, wielding vivid imaginations from their minds and powerful words that can literally punch somebody in the gut. How can you gain these skills? Here are 24 ways you can enhance your writing superpowers:

1. Block Distractions

It is time to block all distractions so you can…

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France, Canada, Mexico. There are so many international vacations to choose from! But you’re not looking for any regular trip; you’re searching for an adventure filled with ghosts and spine-chilling lore. Where would these places be? Good thing this world is filled with hundreds of haunted hotspots. Try these three international locations for starters:

1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires has plenty of places to explore its rich history. Meanwhile, ghost adventurers should check out the reputedly haunted Recoleta and Chacarita cemeteries. These places are said to be teeming with ghost activity. Best not to go alone if you know what’s good for you…

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Picture this: An extraordinary, pistol-wielding Latina archaeologist exploring uncharted lands and recovering ancient lost artifacts, potentially ending the world as we know it. Sounds like a pretty sweet character for a video game, doesn’t it? We almost had one.

Laura Cruz: The Latina Tomb Raider We Almost Had

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Sci-fi writer N.K Jemisin became the first African-American to win three Hugo awards in a row for the Broken Earth trilogy. She wasn’t born writing amazing work. One time, Jemison went through a dark era as an early writer in grad school.

“I was miserable and lonely,” Jemisin states in The Atlantic. “I didn’t have a lot of friends, or stress relief.”

So how did she get her writing groove back? One answer: Anime. Jemisin started writing DragonBall Z fanfiction and grew from there. Was fanfiction the secret elixir for Jemisin’s overall writing success? Could it work for you?

What is Fanfiction?

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I’m a bibliophile; what can I say? I thank my parents for the habit. I don’t want to imagine where I would be if I weren’t such a voracious reader.

Since I had created a book blog back in 2015, I’ve become an even bigger book nut. According to Goodreads, I’ve read over 1,000 books.

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Yo, what the frick is going on?

According to Education Data, the student loan debt in the United States has reached $1.7 trillion. It’s growing faster than the nation’s economy. Only a small percentage are eligible for student loan relief.

I have student loans up to the eyeballs like so many others in the U.S. I have a two-sided relationship paying it. I briefly believed I was brainwashed into some major economic “work forever” trap. School taught us the only way we could survive in the real world was by getting a magical scroll of paper called a “degree.” …

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The point of playing Monopoly is to become so rich you suck the other players’ bank accounts dry. The play of the game is quite vicious, but fun. This game has taught me a few valuable lessons about obtaining assets.

What are Assets?

Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki stated assets bring you money and liabilities take money away. Remember the whole crazy affair with the GameStop stock? People consider the stock a value and bought loads of it while they could. Other assets include gold, real estate, and businesses.

Meanwhile, your Lamborghini and your 10-bedroom mansion would be liabilities. Sure, they’re…

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Don’t you wish you can get paid for reading all day? It’s a possibility I thought would never come true.

I’ve always been a bibliophile. When I was a child, I didn’t care much for reading. With my dropping grades, my parents took my gaming privileges away and urged me to read more. Now, I can’t imagine my life without books. I read anything I find interesting, from bestselling literary fiction to manga.

In 2015, I created a book blog as an excuse to read and write more. Eventually, authors and publishing companies took notice. They wanted me to read…

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Who doesn’t love beds and breakfasts? They’re cozy, intimate, and a little romantic. We all deserve this kind of getaway. However, you might be different. Perhaps you like your trips with a pinch of darkness, adventures with supernatural twists.

You may have heard of significant haunted hotels like The Stanley and The Queen Mary. Surely, there are several beds and breakfasts with ghosts floating around their bedrooms too. Fortunately for you, there are plenty to visit.

1. Battery Carriage House

20 South Battery, Charleston, SC 29401

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