Allow Yourself to Blog and See the Wonderful Results

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I opened a portal of new opportunities when I started blogging.

Years ago, I was dead focused working my way to be a full-time scriptwriter. I didn’t think I could write in any other way.

Blogging? As a career? I thought the position was a myth.

I didn’t think people could make money through blogging. Since I was introduced to affiliate marketing and passive income, my mind changed.

Later, I was introduced to a few of my favorite bloggers who made their blogging careers possible: Jon Morrow from SmartBlogger and Young Adventuress Liz Carlson. Having a blogging career was slowly turning into a reality for me.

I live near Atlanta, a booming film industry town, but nothing was coming my way as I imagined. It was time to learn new writing styles.

What else was I interested in writing about besides creepy horror short movies and Southern drama plays?

Books? I could be a book blogger. I freaking love books!

The problem: I had no clear objective as a book blogger. Even though I raised a decent Instagram following and received free books from publishers to review, I wasn’t going anywhere near making it into a full-time career. It was merely a hobby.


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I contribute content to a local library’s blog. I do it to help increase their updates and hone my blogging skills. All of it is voluntary, with no extra pay.

Writing for the library blog lead me to ideas beyond book reviews like:

  • How customers can find and take advantage of the free digital resources
  • Book listicles
  • Vacation tips
  • How to save bees
  • Creating garden compost

I was having a blast creating these posts!

I’ve learned blogging was journal writing, except your sharing valuable content to readers, nothing extremely personal. This should’ve come to mind eons ago since I’m always scribbling in journals.

Eventually, I started researching freelance writing gigs. It’s true; you can work from home! You don’t have to be in somebody’s office typing all day.

I don’t see myself working at an office eight hours a day for the rest of my career life. It may be required in some cases, but not for long.

Dream careers outside of the cubicle do exist!


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If you can write in one area, you can test writing in a new one. I thought scriptwriting was my one-way road until I’ve discovered online writing careers. Plus, you can receive good money for it.

Whatever you do, don’t listen to what other people have to say about your blogging aspirations, especially those who’ve never blogged in their lives.

If I strictly remained with scriptwriting, I’d still be churning out scripts to various script competitions. I’d be still searching for script gigs on Linkedin until my eyes rolled out of my sockets.

It’s okay to grow new writing roots. The more writing skills you build, the more opportunities will appear before you.

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