Dear Writer, Your Current Non-Writing Job is an Illusion

You want to write, but you can’t write in your own way and time.

You’re stuck in a cubicle. The job is galaxies away from the writer’s life of your dreams. You don’t even know which report you’re typing away on your computer anymore.

You’re probably stuck in retail, helping fussy customers meet their needs. You take extended bathroom breaks to write and kill time before you can clock out.

Perhaps you’re a hustler, delivering Amazon packages by day and serving drinks at a bustling rooftop club at night.

No matter what you do to make ends meet, you barely have time for writing. You feel like you have no way out of this hamster wheel from hell routine. Once you’re done with your work for the day, you’re too exhausted to do anything else.

Now listen here, I’m about to turn Morpheus on you for a second.

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My dear writer, your current non-writing job is only an illusion.

Is your mind blown yet? Probably not. Let me explain.

Thoughts and Actions

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“The future depends on what you do today.” — Mahatmas Gandhi

The reason why you’re in your current position in life is based on your past actions. Now, don’t beat yourself up because you decided to pursue philosophy in college instead of creative writing. The amount of writing work you’ve done in the past determines your future.

Besides action, thoughts constitute to your future. They precede whatever activity you decide to take. Here’s a simple formula to remember:

Thoughts + Action = Your Future

To escape your current dilemma, you must focus more on writing. Become the future writer now.

Full-time writers actively:

  • Invest in writing courses
  • Market their skills
  • Build their network
  • Read books on writing

Do more writing-related activities to build your future. Concentrate on these thoughts, work on them, and your new life will manifest before you. Nobody has said it better than Theron Q. Dumont (Charles F. Haanel) in The Power of Concentration:

“When you learn how to concentrate and reinforce your thoughts, you control your mental creation; they, in turn, help to mold your physical environment, and you become the master of circumstances and ruler of your kingdom.” -Theron Q. Dumont

Think like a writer. Do what a writer does daily.

Laws of Reality

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One of my favorite books in the world is The Kybalion. In this text, there are seven laws of reality. For now, I’m going to share two with you:

  • The Law of Mentalism: “The ALL is Mind; everything is mental.” Everything physical has its origins from the mental world.
  • The Law of Correspondence: “As above, so below; As below, so above.” There are planes between your physical world and the mental world. If you have writing in your mind and act on it, it shows up in the physical world.

Real-life examples?

Romance writer Barbara Cartland had hundreds of love stories running in her mind. She wrote over 700 books reflecting her vivid imagination.

Pat Flynn made $3 million one year as an active blogger. He continuously poured ideas from his mental world into the physical, completely changing his life.

What You Need to Do Now

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“Thought and action do produce material results as is easily verified in the builder and his plans — the dressmaker and her pattern, or the school and its product, all in the harmony with the leading constructive thought. The quality of thought determines the measure of success in your life.” -Charles Haanel

Tired of the “writing not writing” BS? Increase your writing concentration and actions. Remember, your current state of existence (and jobs) is only temporary.

Your reality changes when you change your mind, your inner world.


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