Don’t Let Adult Society Stop You from Being a Fandom Geek

Photo by Joe Ciciarelli on Unsplash

Which fandom universe would you live in?

  • a) Middle Earth

Don’t be shy. It’s okay to reveal your love.

I’ve been part of many fandoms in my life: Minecraft, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, and much more. I’m 31, and I’m finally diving into the Dungeons & Dragons world.

As a kid, you can talk to almost everyone your age about your fandoms. It’s completely different when you’re an adult. Talking about the best weapon enchantments in Skyrim wouldn’t be your first water-cooler conversation with your co-workers.

The Problem

“Trekkies at Baycon 2003” (via Wikimedia)

The older you get, you’ll grow more aware of a certain expectation as an adult. You’re supposed to grow out of your “childish” fandoms.

“No comic books! You’re supposed to be reading Oprah Book Club books and Dave Ramsay guides. You know, real adult literature!”

“Video games? What are you, twelve? Don’t you have a job? Go watch the news.”

Who said you must automatically cut off your joy as soon as you become an adult? Apparently, it’s a required ritual.

Heavens forbid you’re single with no kids and love going to Disney World. Other adults may look at you like you’re carrying the Bubonic plague. There’s even a debate about it.

I went to Disney World as soon as I finished grad school. It was glorious!

Those adults who tell you what you should like have lost a part of themselves. They may have placed their inner geek aside under lock and key. They’ve become robots to satisfy society’s expectations.

“Whoa there, partner! You’re still into superheroes? Haha, you’re an adult now. You’re supposed to be talking politics nonstop, marriage, having kids, school, stress, commute, jobs, money, and those wonderful little mortgages.”

Okay, Mr. Robot.

The Beauty of Geekdom

Photo by James Pond on Unsplash

Geek fandom has its own treasures. It comes along with new relationships, experiences, and opportunities. It inspires you to create new art and writing. Lord of the Rings had me started writing fanfiction, and I haven’t stopped. I don’t know where I would be without such creative writing in my life.

Please, don’t let adult society stop you from being a fandom geek.

Share your encyclopedic Super Mario trivia knowledge. Go dress up as “The Dude” Lebowski at every single fandom convention.

Meetup with your LARPing buddies after work. Forget the stares you may receive as you wear your Crusader armor on the subway.

Express your love, share your passion, stay true. I’m sure there’s a Facebook group of 40-year-old Fortnite players waiting for you.

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