Hi, I’m Vegan, and I Haven’t Died

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Two years ago, after tempted to eat a batch of tasty Fourth of July hot wings, I decided to take on a vegan challenge. I wanted to know what it was really like to be vegan…again.

The last time I tried to go straight vegan was a complete disaster. It happened way back when I was in college. My vegan roommate (and best friend to this day) offered me to try veganism for one day. She’s a cool vegan, unlike the scary ones who would banshee scream at you for even looking at a live chicken the wrong way.

I didn’t last long in the vegan trial. Heck, I didn’t even last half a day. I was frustrated for having no milk with my cereal (first world problems). Eating salads, beans, and soups all day was not my thing. I needed my meat; I felt like I was dying.

Thankfully, I can deal with veganism now more than I did twelve years ago.

Why Be Vegan Now?

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Since college, I’ve been fascinated with health, food, and exercise. I’ve changed my eating habits multiple times and seen results.

For example, I had a diet where I only ate meat (lean meats) on Fridays, and sweets were weekend-only rewards. I lost a good 15–20 pounds during those times.

Later, I was a vegetarian who only ate seafood (pescetarianism). Next, I turned to full vegetarianism. No more cheesy scrambled egg breakfasts for me.

Finally, I stepped into the vegan platform. I wanted to see the full benefits of veganism compared to vegetarianism. Let’s just say I stuck with veganism longer than I thought.

Veganism: My New Best Friend

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Personally, I feel more alive and energetic since I’ve become a vegan. Tofu has become my new scrambled eggs. Whole Foods is my heaven (Kroger’s okay, too).

One of the first lessons I’ve learned as a vegan: watch what you eat when you go out.

Cracker Barrel is vegan hell. I loved the place when I was a pure omnivore. Now? Good gracious me! There’s butter in everything!

I used to eat the fried apples as my only vegan option until I learned there was butter in it too. You can request salads, but they’re bland as f*ck.

Cracker Barrel is my family’s traditional pitstop whenever we’re on a road trip. Now I kindly request for us to find Starbucks and Panera Bread too (they have decent vegan options).

If you’re the only vegan traveling with your family, make sure you bulk up on your vegan foods. Don’t be afraid to speak up on what you eat either.

Veganism presented me with more awareness of animal treatment. Animal slaughter these days is unnecessarily brutal.

I know mankind has been hunting and eating meat for centuries, but c’mon! Do we really need to throw live baby chicks into meat grinders? Beat the heck out of pigs with baseball bats? Rip a cow from her calf for the sake of our Friday night ice cream?

Looking at raw meat nowadays makes my stomach churn. The scent of milk from a milk carton makes me want to puke.

Yeah, this is it. Veganism is my new best friend.


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

People often ask me how I could become vegan. I just do it; It’s all about mindset.

And yes, you can eat well as a vegan. You’re not strictly limited to eating grass, water, fruit, and air. There’s vegan pizza, ice cream, gumbo, mac n’ cheese, and much more. The list is endless!

I understand veganism doesn’t work for everyone. I’m not writing this post to prove everyone in the universe should be vegan.

I’m only happy to express my newly discovered lifestyle. Veganism has done me a big favor, and I’m still learning from it (like honey is a no-no).

If I could travel back in time and meet the old me who was cringing on the floor with a celery stalk in her mouth, I would be like, “Hi, I’m vegan, and I haven’t died!”

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