How I Wrote Over 600 Article Ideas in Two Months

“A fountain pen on an open journal” by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

“Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don’t see any.” -Orson Scott Card

I want to write an article a day (at least a draft). Some writers I’ve read have written 3–6 articles a day.

Where did they get their ideas from so fast? How did I get to that level?

Not too long ago, I discovered James Altucher’s article: “The Ultimate Guide for Becoming an Idea Machine.” In this article, Altucher teaches readers how writing merely 10 ideas a day can change their lives. I quickly purchased a fresh new notebook and jotted down ideas myself.

Some days, I didn’t write 10 ideas. They were days I missed, days I wrote only two, and others I wrote over 30. Not every idea was an awesome one. The point was to get my creative thinking running.

The more ideas I wrote, the more my idea notebook became a convenient guide for choosing the next article to write in less than a minute.

600 Ideas?! Say What?

From late March 2018 to early May 2018, I wrote over 600 ideas. How in the world did I manage this feat?

Here’s how:


2. Checking out my favorite sites: Mysterious Universe, Polygon, Ranker, The Occult Museum.

3. Google News

4. People: For example, my little sister was suffering from horrible spring allergies. I researched and wrote a small (unpublished) article about strengthening the immune system.

5. Playing video games like Overwatch, Minecraft, and Skyrim.

6. Questionnaires: Google (How to), Quora, online forums.

7. Social media sites (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.)

8. TV and movies

9. While showering

Interests Revealed

I realized most of my ideas were under the following interests:

  1. Cryptozoology

2. Cursed Objects

3. General weird news

4. Haunted Places

5. New Age topics (chakras, astral travel, multi-dimensions, etc.)

6. Travel

7. UFOs

8. Urban legends

9. Video Games

Ideas are infinite! Grab one, go with it, and see where it takes you.

Writing, Gaming, Books, Strange Stuff, and more. (

Writing, Gaming, Books, Strange Stuff, and more. (