How to Plan Your Blog Posts Six Months Ahead of Time

Want to go into the future with your blog? Plan ahead.

A good blog is a planned, consistent blog. Consistency leads to increased readership, traffic, and even money. Now, you’re probably thinking:

“How am I supposed to plan blog posts from now to the end of this year, huh? I’m not Buzzfeed!”

Chill, I get it.

The first step to getting ahead in blogging starts in the mental state. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Choose Your Category

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What is your favorite writing category? It can be anything from African safari tours to Zumba lessons. Start with one topic and run with it.

It’s okay to change along the way or choose more than one. Here are some examples:

  • Blogging (bloggers do make it big blogging about blogging)
  • Productivity
  • Lifestyle
  • Fitness and Health
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Finances
  • Cooking
  • Politics
  • Culture
  • Entertainment

2. List Your Ideas

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Every day, write 9–10 ideas branching out from your categories. List 30 if you’re enthusiastic.

If you’re writing in the outdoors/hiking/camping categories, your ideas may look like this:

  • “2020 Hiking Gear Buyer’s Guide”
  • “Hiking During COVID-19”
  • “What to Do When You Meet a Bear”
  • “How to Construct a Campfire with No Matches”
  • “5 Edible Berries You Can Find in a Forest Near You”
  • “12 Benefits of Nordic Walking”
  • “The 10 Best Hiking Trails in the Southeast”
  • “Vegan Camping Food Packages You Should Try Now”
  • “5 Natural Ways to Relieve Poison Ivy Rashes”

You think you don’t have ideas until you start picking up information from Youtube, magazines, your favorite podcasts, and your local library. Hey, even overheard Starbucks conversations are treasure chests of ideas. The universe is your idea wonderland!

3. Plug Your Ideas into a Blogging Calendar

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Choose the ideas you love the most, and put them in a special blogging calendar you may have. You can try all the ideas you’ve listed for the day and see what’s work. You’ll never know your readers’ responses. Your task is to put those ideas out there and experiment.

I like to use Google Calendar to place all of my ideas in an upcoming posting schedule.

4. Repeat This Process Every Day

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“Oh no, I don’t know what to write next month!”


Repeat this idea capturing process until you have enough blog posts for the next six months. If you’ve already forgotten the steps already, here they are:

  1. Select a category
  2. List 9–10 ideas from your category
  3. Plug your ideas into a blogging calendar
  4. Repeat the process until you have six months’ worth of upcoming blog posts

One more thing: don’t forget to write the posts too (lol).

Think ahead, write ahead, have fun!

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