How to Stay Focused on Writing With Close Temptations

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“Can I play video games now? Please? Please?”

What I was writing wasn’t the most exciting topic, but I knew life would be more awesome if I got it done.

Video Games Weren’t My Only Temptations

Photo by Harpal Singh on Unsplash

Temptations surround me every day: my phone, Instagram, Tumblr, Archives of Our Own, and endless occult memes.

What do I do to avoid them? I think of my long-term goals. It could be writing and scheduling next month’s Medium posts or reaching a particular financial goal through my writings.

What about you?

If you can get ahead on your publishing schedule, you can put in a little free time going out somewhere or maybe catching up with a season of your favorite TV show (all recorded and ready for you).

Pitch to nine potential clients in a week, more than likely one of them will get back to you.

If you can get the 12,000-word eBook done early in a month, you can go to Disney World! Well, maybe not, but you know where I’m going with this.

As my hand hovers the PlayStation controller, I always ask myself two questions:

  1. Did I accomplish my daily goals?
  2. What are my long-term goals?

If I haven’t accomplished any of these two, I return to the writing desk.

How do you stay focused on writing?

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