I Scared Myself Writing These Shorts

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Writing my daily “10 Ideas A Day” thanks to James Altucher, I ended up writing scary shorts.

When I was done, I calmed myself with cute kitty videos and fluffy Overwatch fan-fiction.

Here are my creepy shorts.

1. Grandma

I heard grandma laughing upstairs. She died three years ago.

2. Attic

Why is somebody calling my name from the attic? I live alone.

3. The Dolls

I caught my daughter playing with her dolls past her bedtime. She likes to tap their heeled shoes on the wooden floor while making them walk.

An hour later, I hear her little dolls’ shoes again.

I checked her room. She’s fast asleep.

The dolls were gone.

4. How Many?

A friend and I asked the Ouija board how many people were in the room. There’s only two of us. The board said eight.

Then the shadows appeared.

5. The New Kid

I snuck down into the school basement for a quick smoke and met this retro new guy. He had this James Dean thing going on. It was pretty hot.

The school librarian knew him. She showed me his picture in an old school yearbook.

He committed suicide in that basement. In 1955.

6. The Woods

I never understood why people didn’t venture into this neck of the woods. When autumn came, I finally understood.

The falling leaves screamed.

7. Spider-Man

Normally people would find a spider in the corner of their room. For me, it’s an eight-legged man.

He’s staring at me right now with his beady black eyes.

He looks hungry.


8. Ghosts

“Don’t make fun of the ghosts!” The old lady shouted.

I only laughed some more until a ghost whispered into my ear, “You’re next.”

9. Whip

My sister and I dared to explore an old plantation. Big mistake.

Inside, both of us heard a man yelling at us and a whip cracked. We stormed out of the house and ran through the old cotton field. Something hit me from behind and I fell. I didn’t think nothing of it and kept on moving.

We didn’t talk about that dare for a year.

My sister finally confessed a ghostly white man was chasing us through the field that night.

I showed her the whip scar he gave me on my back.

10. Smiling Goats

What does it mean when a goat smiles at you and their eyes turn red? One of them started walking towards me on their hind legs.

11. The Garden Gnomes

My aunt bought these garden gnomes from a neighbor before they moved away. I wish she never bought them. The neighbor said they were scaring her kids.

One night, I slept over at my aunt’s place and woke up to a gnome staring at me from a window. An eerie smile formed on its face and it cracked the window with its head.

I ran like hell out of that room. My aunt never understood what happened, no matter how many clear explanations my 10-year-old self could explain to her.

That was 20 years ago. I never returned to that house, but my aunt always visited me.

One day, she stopped visiting. She died from “natural causes” in her sleep.

When the family was cleaning up her house, they realized the gnomes were gone.

To this day, people keep reporting garden gnomes sightings all over that neighborhood.

Two Fun Facts About These Shorts:

  1. How Many? is based on a true event. I still own the Ouija board, but I don’t use it often.
  2. I own a couple of nice garden gnomes. They don’t run around busting windows and scaring little children though. ;-)

Writing, Gaming, Books, Strange Stuff, and more. (writerduck.wixsite.com/alexandriaducksworth)

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