Making Money Online is Not a Scam

uess what? You don’t have to wake up early with dread and commute five years to your job to make money. If you’re not about that hard knock life, why do you submit to it?

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“It’s the only way.” — Some sad guy on the way to his cubicle

C’mon, my friend, it’s not.

This is the 21st century, we have the technology! Unfortunately, some of us still have the antiquated mindset leftover from the Industrial Age, working ourselves to death. You know what? That’s okay.

You didn’t know better. I surely didn’t. What could we have done if we didn’t have the right information?

CNN recently announced 1 in 5 workers have filed for unemployment benefits due to COVID-19. Many people close to me have been affected.

Twitter has been a hotbed of discussion about the current climate and finding new jobs after their employers laid them off.

There was one tweet I remember (wish I screen captured it), basically saying these troubling times were an excellent opportunity to make money online. It didn’t go well.

People slammed the tweet, claiming making money online is a scam. I can see where the anger is coming from.

Imagine you just lost your job in a blink of an eye, bills up to your eyeballs, and you have kids to feed. Suddenly, someone pops out of nowhere and tells you to make money on the internet, like you know how like the back of your hand. You’d punched that person in the face!

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How are you supposed to pay the basic necessities when your only source of income has vanished?

There are two thoughts to remember:

  1. Never depend on a single source of income.
  2. Making money online can be a great opportunity.

Sure, there are some shady online gigs out there, but legit ones do exist.

People have made money online in so many ways, like Dan Brock. He’s one of the first people who have introduced me making an income online with affiliate marketing:

There are dozens of online opportunities you can begin:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Amazon FBA
  • Blogging
  • Building niche websites
  • Creating and selling software
  • Dropshipping
  • Ebook Writing
  • Online Coaching
  • Online Consulting
  • Proofreading
  • Stock Photography
  • T-Shirt Business
  • Video Transcriptionist
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Youtube

Workplaces don’t exist only in brick and mortar buildings anymore. We’re in a new age where any job online and offline is possible.

Besides, money doesn’t only come from your magical boss fairy. You are your own real source of infinite income streams. Money is energy, and like energy, it can come from anywhere.

It’s time to open the locked doors and windows of your mind to let all the new money in.

Are you the one out of many looking for a decent remote/virtual job? Start searching these sites:

Writing, Gaming, Books, Strange Stuff, and more. (

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