Michonne Reminds Me to Cherish the Good People Who are Still in My Life

Credits: CinemaBlend; Image Comics

Note: This is all from reading the Walking Dead comics, not watching the TV series.

Any Michonne/Ezekiel shippers out there? I loved these two as a couple.

I thought King Ezekiel was the perfect “This is it” love interest for Michonne. She was divorced before the zombie apocalypse, and her last two lovers didn’t last long. The Governor killed Tyreese, and poor Morgan died from severe blood loss.

Will a sister ever get a break?

Not only does her baes keep dying, but Michonne has this habit of keeping herself in an emotional cage. She emits this “I don’t deserve love” attitude even Rick notices it.

What I would’ve said to Michonne:

No surprise, Ezekiel soon departed from Michonne’s life. I was heartbroken for her.

I always wondered would he have been alive a little longer if Michonne spent more time with him. The Universe had different plans.

Michonne was never meant to have a new man. She finally found her daughter long believed to be dead. That was enough. Everything’s perfect in Michonne’s world again.

Focus on the Good

Michonne reminds me to cherish the good people still in my life.

Sure, there are times you’re so done with people, particularly the ones who treat you like absolute garbage. You don’t trust anyone anymore. You begin to believe you don’t deserve any kindness and love.

Whatever you do, don’t walk down this dark path.

You must remember the good people in your life. Remember the ones who love you despite your flaws. They remind you of the positive traits you might have forgotten. Focus on them.

Don’t spend your life with regrets because you’ve been focusing on the negative.

Good people have come to your life for a reason.

Cherish them before they disappear.

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