Now I See Why People Love Fridays and Others Hate It

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What are your Friday plans?

Going out to the movies? The club? Spending the night catching up with the latest season of Stranger Things?

When it’s Friday and the workday is finally over, people drop everything to relax. They flood social media statuses with #TGIF and #Friyays. No more thinking, just play, and chill.

You can say Fridays is a weekly worldwide holiday. When Sunday hits, it hits people hard. Back to the doom and gloom workplace.

Folks on Mondays (via Giphy)

I loved Fridays when I was a kid.

Back in elementary and middle school, Fridays were fun movies day and “free for all” playtime in gym class. It was exciting to run down the halls as the bells rang, signaling the weekend’s arrival.

College was a little different. Sometimes I went out with friends to a night club. Other times, my ideal Friday was chilling in my dorm, playing Sims 2 and scrolling endlessly through Tumblr.

I didn’t get the cheerful Friday feels when I started the workforce. My feelings were neutral.

The Friday Haters

Hustlin’ gorillas don’t care it’s the weekend (via Giphy)

Now, there’s a group who can’t stand Fridays, mostly creators.

“I fucking hate Friday. I really do. I’m blown away by people celebrating the end of the week. Like the weekend is your escape from reality. At its basic form, if you generally celebrate Friday, you need to rethink your entire fucking game. You need to rethink life.” -Gary Vaynerchuk

If you Google, “entrepreneurs hate Friday,” you’ll see similar responses.

Creators have a different view on Fridays. They love the problem-solving, the work progress, and the long-term rewards. Fridays feel like the end of it all.

As I lean more into the creators’ side, I’m starting to see why some people hate Fridays.

Maximizing Your Time

When I’m scheduled off on Fridays, I’m thinking, “Heck yes, time to get ahead on my writing!”

Fridays (and any other day I’m not scheduled for work), are the days I search for writing gigs, planning future posts, and so on. It’s exhilarating to maximize the time.

On the other hand, Fridays mean my friends and family are out of work for the weekend. Time to be asked for last-minute weekend activities!

All I want to do is spend my weekends indoors (via Giphy)

I’m not good with plans out of the blue. I prefer events to be planned ahead of time.

Sometimes, I feel bad. I obviously love spending days with the people I care about. At the same time, I’m enjoying taking advantage of the extra hours I have in hand.

Have you ever had these mixed feelings?

I try to schedule family time or take a break after I succeed in an essential work-related goal.

A writer’s job is never done, but they do deserve self-care.

So Why People Love Fridays so Darn Much?

People love Fridays because it’s an escape from unsatisfying work. The Gallup Organization reported only 15% of workers worldwide are genuinely engaged with their jobs, 30% in the US alone.

What about the rest? The dissatisfied can’t stand either their company culture, the boss, the co-workers, the mediocre pay, or all of the above.

If they were really into their jobs, they wouldn’t be shouting “TGIF!” from the mountaintops and posting demotivational Monday memes.

Which Friday Person Are You?

Some love Fridays and others wish it never comes. Who am I?

While people are anticipating the weekend, I get excited to leave work to write, read, and watch educational Youtube videos(yeah, I’m a nerd).

How you feel about Fridays depends on where you are in life, where you want to go, and how you use the time given to you.

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