The Joy of Missing Out Over the Holidays

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The holidays are here, and you’ve been invited to 294, 689, 692 holiday parties. Do you have to go to all of them? Good news: You don’t.

You can skip the seventh cookie swap party. Don’t feel awful about it.

If you have bigger plans, focus on them. Continue your gym training. Keep learning and building new skills on Lynda. It’s great to concentrate on your long-term goals.

I decided to skip holiday parties this year. I have priorities.

When I tell people this, they look at me as if I grew six heads. Are priorities a crime?

December: The Perfect Planning Month

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Time is an illusion. December, with all of its holiday calamity, is the best time to plan for the new year. Who said I must wait on January to do so? The new year is now!

December doesn’t have to be the time to stop everything to gorge on eggnog and gingerbread cookies until you pass out.

I love a little holiday cheer and merrymaking as much as the next fellow, but I like to concentrate on my growth too.

Feel The JOMO

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I came to embrace JOMO: Joy of Missing Out. I have pure freedom to do whatever I want.

I have time to think. I don’t feel obligated to attend another ugly Christmas sweater party. People may be disappointed when I respectfully decline, but that’s on them.

I have goals to accomplish. I’d be more disappointed in myself for not working on them.

December is planning month. Despite all the parties and holiday shopping, it’s an excellent opportunity to get ahead of the upcoming year.

It’s great for reviewing current goals and creating a strategic plan for the new year.

Bump FOMO, embrace JOMO! 🙌

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