The Number One Currency Writers Lose More Than Money

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Money is not everything. Sure, it’s great for paying bills and shopping at Whole Foods, but it’s not everything. Let me explain:

Writers write to make money. They get paid for the work they do. The more projects they complete, the better. However, the amount of money a writer makes entirely depends on one crucial component: energy. You don’t get anything if you don’t put any energy into it.

Most writers can lose tremendous amounts of energy for many reasons. Procrastination and fears are major energy suckers. On the other hand, your family and 9–5 jobs are non-negotiable energy suckers. You can’t drop them like an old hat so you can spend more energy on your latest book.

How to Maintain Your Writing Energy

If you want to keep the most of your writing energy as much as possible, you must sacrifice what’s not leading you to your writing goals. This is how you do it:

(KEY: Each arrow represents where your energy is going)

Writers with tons of distractions under their belt may look like this:

Made by author

Your energy may be spread out like this too:

Made by author

It’s absolutely okay as long you’re contributing your energy to writing also.

The fewer energy suckers you have, the more energy you can turn to write and get paid. When the energy is split, less writing energy can be transmuted into money (unless you have one source paying you thousands of dollars from one project).

Everything is made out of energy, including money. It was a non-physical substance before it became the material we keep in our wallets.

Have you noticed the most prolific writers in the world tend to make the most money? They repeatedly turn their energy into money. Even on Medium, the writers providing the most content tend to make thousands on the platform.

You have unlimited amounts of energy. Like an alchemist who can turn things into gold, a writer can transmute their energy into money.

You’re a walking bank. Your physical bank account might say otherwise, but you have tons of energy in your energy bank you can mold into future books, articles, and scripts. The first step to manifesting these materials is to put your writing into action.

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