The Thought of Retirement Disturbs Me

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Imagine yourself decades from now still working the career of your dreams.

Suddenly, your boss suggests you should retire. How do you feel about that? You happily pack your belongings and walk out of the building into the sunset?

Perhaps you don’t want to retire. Do you throw a temper tantrum at your boss’s feet?

I don’t see myself retiring from a career I love especially writing. I work a part-time job now, but the thought of retirement occasionally pops up. Older generations love bringing up retirement to me. I don’t understand the appeal.

The thought of retirement disturbs me a bit. It’s like 75% of your life is based on work then retirement is the remaining 25% trying to make up whatever you’ve missed before you croak.

Think about it: After 30+ years gaining skills and working your dream career, you leave it for a life of monthly checks, catching up with old hobbies, and traveling around the world until you die. Sounds pretty depressing to me.

Thankfully, I’m not alone. I came across a New York Times article featuring people working beyond the ages they should’ve been retired. Jack B. Weinstein (96) still works as a Federal Court District judge, and Dr. Laura Popper (71) still tends to children’s health as a pediatrician. Why aren’t they retired? They freaking love their jobs.

I know a few people who regret retirement. They don’t feel like themselves. It’s like a piece of their soul has been taken away from them.

No thanks, I prefer to stay happy.


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I wouldn’t like it if someone asked me, “Don’t you think it’s time to retire?”

Who said I was done? If I enjoy my profession, why do I have to leave it? It’s like breaking up a beautiful, solid relationship with a significant other.

“Oh sweetie, this thing we have has been great, but I must retire. It’s been 37 years. Don’t you think it’s time?”

You don’t do that.

Now, I understand people have solid reasons for retirement:

· Spend more time with family

· Health

· Start a new chapter

· Explore new roles

If you’re retired and reading this, your reasons are valid. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!


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Why society loves giving us this mindset we can only pursue long-term recreational and social activities when we’re retired? Why wait so long when it could’ve been done already?

Why put off anything until we retire? If that’s the case, I prefer to work to the point of financial freedom. I still work, but I can do anything else I want without being tied to an employer’s leash.

Where will the money come from? Passive income: rental properties, online businesses/blogs, dividends, published e-books, etc. The possibilities are endless!

I ‘d rather continue my career I love as long as I live. Why leave it when I turn 55, 65, or 75?

People view retirement differently. Some see it as a wonderful event and others terrible. My views on retirement may change after writing this. Who knows?

No matter what, I’m doing whatever with my career life my own way.

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