This is Why I Stopped Watching The Kardashians

Photo by 阿江 on Unsplash

Since I was a kid, I always imagined myself living in Los Angeles as an actress. My dream home would be a Malibu beachside villa.

I finally had the chance to fly to Hollywood as a college graduation gift. I loved every minute of it, and I never wanted to leave. I cried on the flight back home.

One evening, I flipped to Keeping Up With the Kardashians on E! as I was trying to find something interesting on TV. The show flashed familiar places: Beverly Hills, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Santa Monica Pier. I was in L.A. all over again.

What am I doing?

While I watched the Kardashians travel around the world and establish new businesses, I soon realized I could be just as productive. Nope, I was too busy consuming their content.

Did you know Kylie Cosmetic’s worth $900 million? Kim’s KKW beauty brand: $350 million.

What am I doing? Not learning how to produce and sell products.

Besides, if I want to travel like a Kardashian, I better learn how to expand my income and take action!

The Big Lesson

Life’s better as a producer than a consumer. I have to thank the Kardashians for reminding me I am a creator. I get a dopamine kick whenever I create and publish new writing (like this article).

There’s a sweet bliss being a creator. We are created to create.

It was about time for me to turn off Kardashian TV and get to work. To stay focused, I even took the extra steps to unfollow the sisters on social media.

Sorry, Kim. This girl has to work.

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