Which Freelance Writing Niche is Right for You?

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You’re ready to start your journey as a newbie freelance writer.

What do you want to write? What is your “niche”?

You find hundreds of paying sites and magazines looking for writers just like you.

You’re excited but overwhelmed. I feel you!


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I’m all over the place. My interests include travel, video games, books, fandoms, the paranormal, new age/metaphysical subjects, and tons more.

So far, I know the travel niche is somewhere on top of my list. I have experiences traveling abroad in high school and college.

Plus, I’m a military brat. I moved all around the US and lived shortly in Europe. I know there’s a way I could put those stories into good use.


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Have a lovely pet canary? Maybe you can write in the pet bird niche.

Perhaps now is the best time to use your college background in philosophy. There might be a philosophy blog somewhere willing to pay for your 3,000-word piece on the joy of Nietzsche.

Where do you start? Instead of writing about everything at once, ask yourself the following questions to sort out your niche(s):

Are you a superhero nerd? You know everything from the characters’ origin stories to the actors’ stunt doubles onscreen?

Publications looking for writers in the comic and movie niches would love you! 😍

Are you obsessed with investing, financial tips, or cryptocurrency? There are opportunities for writers in those niches as well.

Perhaps you’re a horse lover. You raise horses, and you’re deeply involved in equestrian sports. Places like the Horse Network are your perfect matches!

What are your current and past jobs? Have any creative hobbies? How many languages can you speak? Your traits can guide you to the right niches.

If you’re a chef, many publications would love for you to share your recipes and cooking tips.

Are you a web designer? You’re in luck! Many writing gigs will pay you hundreds of dollars to share your knowledge on Adobe Dreamweaver, Bluefish, or Google Web Designer.

Skilled photographers can not only offer their excellent photos to publishers, but their articles on photography tricks, photoshop, the hottest cameras, and more.

(Thanks to Sean Ogle for this writing tip)

Can you write 100 articles about business marketing, techno gadgets, cats, or ancient aliens? If so, great! It’s time to pitch your ideas to the editors!

Your thoughts may lead you to many great writing positions!


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Don’t freak out! Check out the following publications below and decide which sample niches resonate with you:










Type in “write for us” in the Google search bar to find whoever’s offering freelance writing jobs.

As an example, I typed in the beauty niche:

Searching possible writing jobs for beauty writers

Make sure they’re paid gigs unless you don’t mind writing for a bit of exposure.

Not about that exposure life? Insert the keywords “paid” or “paying” along with “write for us.” These are the results I’ve received searching for paying fitness writer jobs.

Voila, fitness writers’ gold!

See how Google guided me directly to the paying jobs?

Oh, the possibilities

Dear aspiring fitness writers, this is what you want!

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