Why Writers Are Powerful Magicians

Photo by Chase Clark on Unsplash

You know Merlin, right? King Arthur’s magic wingman?

Merlin had some incredible abilities up his sleeves, especially manifesting objects out of thin air.

What if I told you writers have the same abilities as Merlin? They manifest thoughts into reality. Their pencils and pens are their wands.

J.K. Rowling wasn’t always the multi-millionaire writer you know today. She was a “just over broke” single mother trying to make ends meet. While holding temporary jobs and dealing with an ugly divorce, she was brewing a story about a young orphan accepted into a prestigious wizard school.

Rowling transformed her whole life with an extraordinary power: her imagination. Every writer has it.

“A thought is a substance preceding the thing that is imagined by the thought.” -Wallace Wattles, The Secret of Getting Rich (1910)

J.R.R. Tolkien, Octavia Butler, Stephen King, and all the writers you know and love (even on Medium) summoned their imaginations to life. Like Harry Potter, they discovered their unique abilities and went with it.

It’s incredible how much power writers have. They can change worlds and place readers under their spell.

Sometimes I think about why dictators in the past were so obsessed with destroying writers’ works. They knew how potent writers were and their power to influence society to overthrow their corrupt government.

Writers CAN Manifest Money

Some people ridicule writers, always saying, “Writers don’t make money.”

Who do you think created the content you love to read? The TV shows you binge-watch? The songs you sing in private when you think no one is listening?

Those naysayers don’t know writers’ ultimate capabilities. Besides, there’s more than one way to make money. Not everybody is going to find out as an accountant or a heart surgeon.

Everybody has their magical powers. Let writers work on theirs.

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