Write Like You’re Filling Up an Empty Library

Danielle Steel dedicates 20 hours a day to writing. Thanks to her incredible work effort, she has published over 190 books to date.

Romance writing legend Barbara Cartland has produced over 700 books. Westerns writer Lauran Paine has written over 1,000, with a bit of sci-fi, mystery, and romance to the mix. What do these authors have in common? Think about it.

You step into a library and see a bookcase filled with James Patterson’s books. Nora Roberts is steadily taking over in the romance department, and R.L Stine in children’s with Goosebumps. These writers do not give a flip about limits. If you want to become a prolific writer (along with prolific pay), write like you’re filling up an empty library.

Everything starts with an idea, a seed. You won’t have a forest until you start with the first acorn.

They are no physical boundaries to thought and creativity. Danielle Steel barely lets sleep stop her from pouring out her thoughts on paper. You don’t have to sacrifice sleep as much as she does, but writing persistence pays off big time.

How to Fill Up Your Library

Whether you’re a traditionally published author or a blogger, start your library with your first idea. After you’ve completed your first project, come up with two more ideas and more afterward. Soon, your writing line will look like this:

(diagram created by author)

Write Every Day

I know you’re probably rolling your eyes at this common tip. If you want to go full throttle on writing, every day works. Produce at least 500 words daily, even on your birthday.

“The truth is that when I’m writing, I write every day, workaholic dweeb or not. That includes Christmas, the Fourth, and my birthday (at my age you try to ignore your goddamn birthday anyways).” -Stephen King

Fill Up Your Bookcase

Here’s a fun project: buy an actual bookcase from Wal-Mart or somewhere super cheap. Fill it up with your books, plays, blog posts (printed out), and whatever. Just fill it up! You’ll never want to stop.

How Many?

Do you want to complete 12 screenplays, 52 short stories, or six full-length novels? Ask yourself how many projects you want to achieve in a year. Build a system out of your goal and smash it.

Even if you’re a slow writer, keep at it. It took years for the top bestselling authors and famous bloggers to get to their high positions. You only fail if you stop writing altogether.

Writing is a never-ending habit. Build your library, and your patrons will love you for it.

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