Your Rough Draft Will Be as Awkward as A Baby Dove

“Collared Dove Babies” (via Wikimedia)

You’ve seen doves. Beautiful, aren’t they?

Now, have you seen a baby dove? Well, they’re strange as all get out. One glance at them, and you’ll question if they’re even from our planet.

Your first draft will be as awkward as a baby dove. There will be spelling errors and run-on sentences.

You’ll have sentences like this from typing too fast: “Presidewent Rump Controversies ith Ussa Contineus.” Translation: “President Trump Controversies with Russia Continues.”

It’s ok, don’t panic.

The purpose of rough drafts is to manifest your ideas into a physical form. Don’t manifest them, and they’ll remain in your mind, eventually disappearing altogether.

I make sure to write down my ideas even if I’m seconds away from bedtime. I must write it down, or I’ll risk losing it forever.

What Stops Us From Starting

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

What holds us back from even starting our first drafts: fear.

We’re afraid of the long, grueling editing process ahead of us. We want to hit publish and hit the ground running.

We’re afraid of rejection. As a writer, you must get used to it. It’s part of writers’ lives.

“I encourage you to reject rejection. If someone says no, just say NEXT!” -John Canfield

Did you know the Chicken Soup for the Soul series was rejected 144 times before publication? Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind was rejected 38 times before becoming a bestseller and an Oscar-winning movie.

Screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie wrote The Usual Suspects (1995) nine times before it was picked up for production. Producers didn’t like the non-linear storyline. The $6 million movie ended up making $34 million in the box office.

Rejection is inevitable. The only way to go through is to keep writing until you say you’re done.


“I’m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I’m simply shoveling sand into a box so that later I can build castles.” -Shannon Hale

Don’t worry about your fugly draft right now. Your task is to write it down as soon as possible. Your piece will eventually come out as beautiful as a full-grown dove.

Photo by Bartosz Kwitkowski on Unsplash

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