Your Secret Weapon Against Toxic People

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Hey, let’s go camping with (toxic person) this weekend.

Family reunion’s coming up! Ready to see (toxic person)?

The sound of their names makes you cringe.

You feel like puking.

You’d rather stay on a remote island with a pack of rabid honey badgers.

For some reason, no matter what, you say yes. Those people you dread are only your friends and family. Nothing can go wrong, right?

Listen, you don’t have to go through the same bullsh*t every year, every day, every minute. You don’t have the time. You deserve better.

I was an awkward kid. I didn’t have many friends.

I had a decent childhood overall. Yet, I have vivid memories of crying to my mom after school because some little punk on the bus hurt my feelings.

I was nice to everyone (or so I thought). I didn’t understand why people would pick on me. I’ve concluded it was all my fault.

When I made friends, I kept them for a while even if they weren’t the best for me.

I knew how it felt not having friends. I didn’t want to leave anybody behind to feel the same loneliness I did.

I learned the hard way eventually. Keeping toxic friends was a terrible idea. I realized I only liked them more than they liked me.

I had friends who told me they were best friends only to gossip about me behind my back.

I had friends who would scream at me for no apparent reason then act like it was nothing when I broke down in confusion.

Man, I was tired of that crap.


Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

What good did those people bring me besides constant anxiety and tears? Friendship? I think not. I’ve decided to finally say no and walk away.

You have the same ability. You have the power to say no.

Say it with me: No, no, no! (flipping tables are optional)

You don’t have to hang out with any toxic people longer than necessary. Bump that!

Remember, your life is precious. Fill it with as many incredible people while you’re still alive. Don’t forget to be your own friend too.


Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

There are certain circumstances you can’t cut toxic family members out completely. You do, however, have the power to limit your time with them.

Tired of aunt Agnes warning you of hell and damnation because of your sexuality? Yeah, you can avoid her for a while. Be proud of who you are. Love whoever you want.

When you do see her, be kind, but take no crap.

Creepy uncle Harry still wants to “play?” And you’re like, 35? Just say no!

Call him out and call the police. The trauma ends with you right now.

You have a special ability: the power to say no. Own it!

You can change your reality. You can change your diet, your job, your entire lifestyle, and the people close to you.

You don’t have to settle for less. You are a valuable human being. Treat yourself like one.

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